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CP Moulding

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CP MOULDING is a Thailand plastic molding service company, is the famous and huge Thailand plastic molding technologies and plastic moulding solutions supplier located in Southeast of Thailand Asia , offer the one-stop plastic injection molding service.

During the past several year efforts, CP MOULDING improved the management system, collected a lot of plastic molding process and experiences, also invested a huge amount of plastic molding equipments for high efficiencies, precision, high automation plastic molding service supplies. CP MOULDING. has become the top Thailand plastic molding suppliers, is one of the most suitable Thailand plastic molding company for offering high classic plastic molding service worldwide.

CP MOULDING has wide plastic molding service range, supplied plastic molded components for so many world top 500 companies such like Nokia, Siemens, ABB Spain,Lancome France, Samsonite Belgium, Beijing Automotive Group, Media China and so on. Sino Moldings Co. is represented high classic CP MOULDING suppliers. Based on the rigorous quality controlling system and advanced CP MOULDING process, Moldings is keeping on developing, the plastic injection molding ranges are as below:

The famous CP MOULDING expert, profession in below molding components and solutions:

  • Classified by molded plastic parts’ functions:
1. Automotive Molding

2. Medical Injection Moulding

3. Cosmetic Injection Moldings
4. Mobile Phone Mouldings
5. Home Appliance Moldings
6. Plastic Engineering Components Injection Molding
7. Packaging Moldings
  • Classified by plastic molding process methods:
1. Bi-color Injection Molding
2. Gas-assisted Injection Moulding
3. Transparent Plastic Part Injection Molding
4. Highlight Injection Moldings
5. Bakelite Injection Molding
6. BMC Injection Molding
7. In-mold labeling Molding
8. In-mould Decoration Moulding

CP MOULDING suppliers Moldings offer one-stop plastic molding supplying service, the processing of how one-stop, please see left of this page. The processing is from the plastic parts’ design to molded plastic components surface treatment and packaging for delivery.
Seldom of CP MOULDING company own plastic surface treatment facilities, while Moldings as one of the biggest CP MOULDING company has the facilities of UV, PU painting for big or small molded plastic items, also can do vacuum metalizing and hard chrome plating service.
The famous CP MOULDING supplier-Sino Moldings was established by Sino Mould Co. in China, which is one of the biggest Chinese mould manufacturers. For this reason, Sino Moldings has the strong molds making background. Good quality molds, precision and stable machines and professional managing teams and technical teams, these guaranteed Sino Moldings top quality with lowest plastic molding cost. For so many CP MOULDING suppliers, their future’s way is to reduce their wastage of labors, time, water, energy, space and any other natural resources. Only by this way, CP MOULDING suppliers can realize high efficiency, low material and power consumption to reduce the cost of the unit molded component, to save cost for our customers.

Represents the modern CP MOULDING service enterprises, we wish CP MOULDING supplies the lowest cost and top quality plastic components to the world, we are sure that Sino Moldings will become the leading CP MOULDING suppliers in the following 2 or 3 years. No matter the size of your project, and no matter simple or complex of your project, you will always be our VIP. Welcome your down visiting to Sino Moldings Co., we are sure you will be satisfied.

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