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Home Appliance Molding

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C.P. Moulding Company has project teams specially for the home appliance molding project.  We have strong team from plastic designing, mould designing, mould manufacture and plastic molding. Till now, we have totally around 600 employers. All of them were picked out from the talents. We have full ability to provide you high quality plastic production for the house appliance.

We have made many house appliance molding products, such as: shell of TV sets, Covers for computer displayer, all the plastic parts for air conditioner, refrigerator freezer, Full computer implement all plastic pieces, washing machine tub, bottom and cover, plastic part of electronic products and all the other plastic covers…With our 20 years experience in plastic, we are growing step by step. Summarize our experience, improving the quality optimize the processing technic , short the delivery time to make us to be the Nr.1 in the plastic industry. Our product sale to oversea around 60 countries and place. 
Our Mould feature:

The structure of the house appliance mould:
According to the material of plastic, we will choose fit steel for the cavity and core. Such as Derman steel 2738 2344 or P20. For the slides, guide spout, inserts, using Derman steel 2344 or 2316. For the guide, guide bush. Pull bar we design according to SKD standard. For the mould bace , we do according to Sino standard. Good steel need to have the characteristic of decay resistance tenacity  thrmal conductivity and hardness, this will make the polishing easy to be done. This will short the cost of the mould and also short the delivery time. Reduce the time for maintain and repair, improve the efficiency.

Cooling design for house appliance moulds:
Cooling is an importancework, we need to consider the cooling effect also the uniformity, and also the location and diamention of the cooling. The cooling of very important part like core part or inserts, slides. The cooling elements and the standard elements choosing. We are analyzing the above problems at the beginning of mould design. Mould use the recycle water which will flowing to every part of the mould inside, short the cooling time, improve the production efficiency.

Our company takes technology as the forerunner, take the quality as the core, with good service, reasonable price, meet the demands of customers, welcome domestic and international old and new customers to inspect the instruction!

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