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Packaging Moldings

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Nowadays fast paced lifestyle demands convenience and single service products, thus providing a major market for plastic packaging. Sino plastic molding provides the best solutions in injection packaging, tooling, and extrusion services. There are members of the injection Institute including all kinds of injection machine. We also have different customers all over the world. According to your requirements, or Sino Plastic Molding design a satisfied suggestion and program for you.
We provide unparalleled customer satisfaction through the unique coupling of technology and creativity, along with a steadfast work ethic. We are committed to being an employer of choice and always preserving the environments and communities we call home.
Food Packaging Moldings
1, thin wall package
The wall thickness can reach0.4mm
1) Ice cream box
2) Salad box
3) Cheese box
4) Sealed container
2, high capacity container 
(Thin wall over 1mm)
3, food pail 
4,air line cup
5, water cup
7, cup/closure

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